LAWRENCE (KSNT) – The Lawrence Police Department is issuing a warning to residents about the “Felony Lane Gang.”

According to the LPD, the group travels in groups burglarizing vehicles, then uses stolen credit and debit cards to make big purchases.

“Many of us already lock our cars and that’s great, but we all really need to do a better job of not leaving purses and wallets in view. A car window is no barrier for this group. They’ll break a window out quicker than you and I can click our key fob. It’s important to get in the habit of putting anything of value in your trunk or taking it with you. This group moves fast,” says LKPD spokesperson Laura McCabe.

The police said members of the group travel in pairs, one male and one female. The female will dress up to look like the person with the stolen ID, using wigs and sunglasses, and cash checks or use cards.

The thieves are bold and known to hit quickly, even in broad daylight, in places where people may leave their purse or wallet. Dog parks, gyms, and daycares are clear targets because the thieves may be lucky enough to find an unlocked car. Even if they need to break a window, the group is known for their speed.”

The Lawrence Police Department

The group got its name after using bank drive-thru lanes farthest from the teller, in order to avoid being identified, according to police. They also prefer self-checkout lanes.