Jake LaTurner says no to vaccine mandates, yes to federal government holding Facebook ‘accountable’


TOPEKA (KSNT) – Congressman Jake LaTurner joined KSNT Thursday morning to discuss issues facing Kansas and the nation.

Congressman LaTurner took a stand against vaccine mandates saying, instead, education is the path out of the pandemic.

“For me personally, I got the vaccine. I think the studies show the vaccine is good for you, it’s going to keep you out of the hospital, in some cases keep you from death,” LaTurner said.

The congressman said he would not support what he called “cumbersome” mandates. LaTurner said he believed using OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970) to police vaccines is federal overreach.

On social media, LaTurner said new evidence that Facebook may cause harm to children is “devastating.”

A former Facebook product manager has accused the social network giant of threatening children’s safety — and the integrity of democracy — and is urging Congress to take action to rein in a largely unregulated company. The drama rings familiar, but will real change come out of it this time?

LaTurner said the federal government needs to “hold Facebook accountable.”

When it comes to Biden’s infrastructure bill, LaTurner said he was concerned so much of the cost was unpaid for. “I would love to support an infrastructure package, it’s one of the things the government should do and do well. $5.5 trillion is an enormous amount of money,” Laturner said. “I want to vote for a package that means real infrastructure.”

When asked about Afghanistan, LaTurner said that Americans’ priority should be to make sure all Americans get out of the country.

LaTurner praised the Border Patrol for doing a “fantastic job,” but not a job they were trained to do. The congressman called for help at the border that included social workers and health care workers.

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