TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – For the liquor lovers, there may be some bad news coming your way. Governor Sam Brownback proposed to double the taxes on all on liquor in Kansas. A few weeks ago our governor made the proposal to raise liquor taxes during his State of the State Address. Officials estimate liquor taxes going from 8% to 16% could bring in more than $100 million over two years. The end goal would help the projected $1 billion shortfall the state is looking at in 2019.

The proposal would be for beer, wine and liquor at liquor stores, farm wineries and microbreweries, in the state. Whether the proposal will go into effect is up to lawmakers. The owner at Topeka Club Liquor said increasing taxes on liquor would give a negative impact on the state.

“We would be the highest tax on alcohol in the country,” Owner of Topeka Club Liquor, Patricia Drake said. “And what kind of reputation are we going to have there? It’s just not going to work. It’s not going to pay the taxes. By the time alcohol gets on our shelves it’s already taxed 3 times.”

Drake said alcohol gets a triple taxed before it hits the shelf because there’s already taxes put on the alcohol once, as it gets into the state, second, as liquor gets to the distribution center and third when it gets to the store it’s going to be sold at.

Governor Brownback also proposed an increase in taxes on cigarettes by $1 a pack and to bump taxes on tobacco products to 20 percent.