Postponement of Dirty Kanza provides unique opportunity for Emporia


EMPORIA, Kan. – The Dirty Kanza is a special event, there’s no getting around that. Commercial Street will be packed with thousands of people when it’s time for the race, especially at the finish line, but now the race has been moved to September and as tough as that decision was, it set up a weekend for the ages in Emporia.

Athletes come from around the world to compete at the Dirty Kanza gravel race, and that will still be the case this year, it’ll just be in the fall rather than this summer.

“This was a very difficult decision for us, mainly because the situation is changing by the day if not by the hour,” co-founder of the Dirty Kanza Jim Cummin said.

The event will now be September 12th, a date that Cummins and company picked as a backup plan after weeks of research, and the move is already being praised by fans of the event and the athletes

“The response has been overwhelming, we’ve been just getting a lot of really, really strong compliments people very appreciative that we’ve been able to make a decision and we’ve been able to announce that, now they can start making their plans. People recognize this is the right thing to do.”

On top of being the socially conscious move, the new date allows for a weekend that people in Emporia won’t soon forget.

“It just so happens that there’s an amazing festival already happening that weekend in emporia called the great American market.”

The market is the fall spectacular for the city, and now they will have their two biggest moneymakers besides the college together in one, something local businesses are sure to love despite what they lose this summer.

“Of course there is a bit of disappointment but really excited that the event wasn’t canceled that it was simply moved and the fact that it was moved to a date that coincides with the great American market means even more people that will boost the local economy going into the fourth quarter,” Casey Woods, executive director of Emporia Main Street, said. His company works hand in hand with the Kanza to put on the event.

So circle it on your calendar for that weekend, you won’t want to miss it. The Kanza, the great American market, and an ESU home football game to top it off.

“So if you want to join a few thousand people and a fantastic atmosphere, September 12th will be a great time to visit Emporia.”

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