Program for current, soon-to-be moms adds mental health services


JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (KSNT)– A program to help current and soon-to-be mothers in Geary County is now adding mental health services.

The program is called, Delivering Change.

Its goal is to improve the overall health of women and their children.

As employees began to work with the women, they’d sometimes notice them struggling with a mental health issue.

However, often times the problems weren’t dealt with until after the baby was born, and then they were referred to another clinic.

Now, workers want to deal with mental health problem sooner, to benefit the mom and her future child.

“I think that we will see women getting the care they need a lot faster and will maybe be more willing to follow up,” Jill Nelson, Program Coordinator of Delivering Change said. “Because they will have established a warm hand off or a warm relationship with the therapist in the office.”

The Geary community healthcare foundation is offering $25,000 to help pay for the services of therapists.

Therapists are coming from Pawnee Mental Health for two days a week in the mornings.

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