Program gives Fort Riley soldiers a home away from home


A new program is working to give new Fort Riley soldiers a home away from home.

The “Home Away From Home” program has only been around for a year, but more than 50 soldiers have been matched with 33 host families.

“They become that family outside the gates of Fort Riley. It gives them a place to go to get away from the strenuous military life sometimes,” said Junction City Deputy Mayor Phyllis Fitzgerald.

Over the last year, Fitzgerald worked with Fort Riley officials to get the program off the ground.
Mike Devlin and his wife Carolyn are currently hosting 6 Fort Riley soldiers.

“We did another one and that that one brought one. Then we did another one and he brought one and they kind of added up,” said Devlin.

Devlin was stationed on Fort Riley before he left the army. He believes the program is a good idea to keep soldiers grounded.

“A lot of people get here and they get stuck and when they get stuck they get bored. They don’t like it. They get in trouble. This may be another avenue for them to not be getting in to so much trouble,” said Devlin.

Zachary Wilson, one of Devlin’s adopted soldiers, says he enjoys having something to do away from base.

“It’s just nice to have somebody that’s not Army. Someone that care about you as a person, not just you as an Army soldier,” said Wilson.

Click here for more information on the Home Away From Home program.

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