Public pool staff allegedly kick breastfeeding mom out

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A group of breastfeeding mothers held a “nurse-in” as a show of support after one of them says she was asked to cover up or leave a Texas water park while she was feeding her son. 

Mother Misty Daugereaux says when her 10-month-old son got hungry at a Texas City, Texas, water park, she decided to breastfeed him, but the pool staff was not happy about her actions. 

Misty Daugereaux took her nephew and two sons Sunday to Nessler Park Family Aquatic Center in Texas City, Texas. When her 10-month-old got hungry, she decided to breastfeed him.

But Daugereaux says the lifeguards and manager were not happy about her actions. One of the lifeguards approached her and said she couldn’t breastfeed where she was because it was a public pool and against their policy.

“She said you need to cover up or leave. She gave me the ultimatum. And I said, ‘Well, you show me in your policy where it says that I need to cover up, and I’ll leave,'” Daugereaux said.

A Texas City Police officer was called, and instead of making a fuss, Daugereaux opted to pack up the boys and leave. She says she felt humiliated and hurt.

“I walked out feeling defeated because I couldn’t stand my ground,” she said.

Word about the incident spread quickly on Facebook.

A group of Galveston County moms gathered at the pool Monday for a “nurse-in,” not only as a show of support for Daugereaux but to make it known they have the right to breastfeed wherever they choose.

“I saw it and decided it was something that needed to be pushed even harder. We all just got together and decided to go for it,” organizer Lorna Mchone said.

In a statement, city leaders say they are reviewing the incident and how it was addressed by staff. They also apologized to Daugereaux for offending her.

Daugereaux says she’ll continue to breastfeed in public if she has to, and the nurse-in gave her just the confidence she needed.

“I feel powerful, loved and supported, more than I ever could have imagined,” she said.

Pool staff claims Daugereaux had both breasts exposed, but ultimately, it may not matter because she was breastfeeding. Texas law allows mothers to breastfeed in public areas.

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