TOPEKA (KSNT) – An incident at a Topeka sports complex has a local youth basketball team looking for another place to play.

It happened during a teenage league game at SportZone in South Topeka. A team of 8th graders, called “Power 4,” were seen wearing racially insensitive uniforms.

The all-white team used names that are common in black culture on the backs of their shirts. SportZone notified the team the shirts would no longer be allowed. Shortly after, the team removed itself from the league. SportZone gave the following statement via Facebook on July 19:

“We were made aware of uniforms that were inappropriate for SportZone last night. Upon hearing this we immediately reached out to the team and informed them that the uniforms will not be allowed at SportZone. The team has since apologized and withdrawn itself from the remainder of the league. We recognize there may be a kink in the line of communication between our evening staff and referees back to our administrative staff. We will be working internally to correct these issues and apologize for not catching this sooner.”

Sport Zone statement