Recycling drop off locations in Shawnee County on the decline, but won’t stay that way for long


The recent removal of a recycling drop off location in Shawnee county has some people taking notice.

The drop off center at the University of Kansas Health System St. Francis campus was recently removed due to the hospital’s renovations.

The county now only has five drop off locations, with just one of them in Topeka city limits.

While the number of drop off locations has been on the decline, that hasn’t stopped people from getting out to recycle.

People with county trash service can get curbside recycling for free, but for Lisa Anderson, the drop off locations are her only way to recycle

 “The trash service that we have does not offer curb side pick up,” said Anderson. “So, drop off is the only option we have.”

As a mom who’s always on the go, she says more locations would make recycling more convenient.

“For me, it’s just about convenience and getting to places. So, I definitely think there’s a lot of opportunity out there for more locations to provide this service for people.”

Deputy Director for Shawnee County Solid Waste Justin Pike says he understands the concerns.

Adding more drop off locations is actually something the county has in the works in order to help keep up their recycling efforts.

“Unfortunately, with some of the businesses and organizations around town, they couldn’t facilitate our bins,” said Pike. “So, we’re still in the process of looking.”

According to Pike, the amount of people recycling in Shawnee county has increased from 2% to 23% since 2013.

To see a map of where all of the drop off locations in Shawnee county are located, click HERE.

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