Remembering 9/11 from the Big Apple to the Little Apple


MANHATTAN (KSNT)– The twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks are tomorrow, and the affect is felt across the country, all the way from the Big Apple to the Little Apple.

The Flint Hills Volunteer Center in Manhattan hosted a “Day of Remembrance” to honor all of those that risked and lost their lives or loved ones during the attack.

Soldiers, policemen and volunteers gathered with their families and friends to participate in the event and show their gratitude for their fellow Americans. People at the event could participate in a multitude of events, such as signing a “Wall of Gratitude” where they had the opportunity to recognize anyone affected by the attacks.

The guest speaker at the event was retired Lieutenant Colonel Robert Darling. He was in the White House bunker the day of the attacks, and was shoulder to shoulder with Vice President Dick Cheney and important military personnel.

“You know, it’s really an honor to be here today,” Lieutenant Colonel Darling said. “My message is two-fold. It’s a day of remembrance because it’s 20 years after 9/11. But, my other message is let’s reinvigorate ourselves for another 20 years of safety, and defending out freedoms and patriotisms and everything else this country has to offer.”

The event ended with a candle-lit remembrance ceremony, commemorating the lives lost on that awful day in American history.

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