FORT HAYS (KSNT) – The 2023 Kansas Speaks fall survey by the Docking Institute of Public Affairs asked respondents for their opinions on government, politicians and elections.

The Kansas Speaks survey was conducted from Sept. 20 to Oct. 10, 2023, and surveyed a panel of almost 500 Kansans age 18 and older. The survey asked a variety of questions on topics such as overall quality of life, the economy, government, public policy, education and housing.

The survey asked respondents if they were satisfied with the performance of both Governor Laura Kelly and President Joe Biden. Most respondents were satisfied with Kelly’s performance with 38.4% satisfaction and 32.9% dissatisfaction. A total of 21.9% of respondents were satisfied with Biden with 62.8% dissatisfied.

When asked about the satisfaction of the Kansas Legislature and U.S. Congress, most Kansans were dissatisfied with both. Only 23.3% of Kansans were satisfied with the Kansas Legislature and 35.1% of those polled were dissatisfied. On U.S. Congress satisfaction, even more Kansans were dissatisfied. A total of 64.8% of Kansans were dissatisfied with the U.S. Congress with only 9.9% of Kansans satisfied.

Some other government, political and election topics the survey included:

TopicAgreeDisagreeNeutral/Don’t Know
Plan to vote in Nov.72.90%11.20%
Fraud isn’t a problem in KS elections41.10%22.80%
Ballot drop boxes should be banned29.20%41%
Early voting should be abolished18.10%49.60%
Illegal immigrants are voting in KS17.50%29.30%53.20%
Voter fraud routinely decided the winner of KS elections13.40%43.30%
KS government gets stronger with a diverse representation of elected officials53.10%9%
Findings from the 2023 Kansas Speaks fall survey by the Docking Institute of Public Affairs.

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