Roads are slick around Topeka


The freezing drizzle picked up this afternoon and then changed to sleet around 5:00. All of that sleet covered the roads in a thin sheet of ice. 

Cars are also covered in ice, leaving people having to scrape off their windshields before driving. Many drivers are having to take their time getting around. 

On some Topeka side streets the sleet is covering this past weekend’s snow that’s still packed on the roads. Topeka Mayor Michelle De La Isla says the first step of their plan for dealing with the roads was getting them treated first.

“I think the plan of action right now, just like we do everytime, is to treat the roads before things get really bad,” she said. “That mitigates a lot of the problem. And some of the things that we’re working on is some collaboration so that we could have more access to equipment so that we can then service the residents that are really have trouble leaving their homes.” 

As usual, the city is clearing main roads and emergency routes before getting to side roads. 

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