Salon therapy: confiding in your stylist like they’re your therapist

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Your hair stylist goes home each day tired from standing on their feet all day but also has spent hours listening and sharing advice to clients — cosmetologists like Britany Montgomery, who works in Topeka. 

She’s heard countless intimate stories from the people who have sat in her chair. From complete strangers to her best friend, she hears about clients’ families, friends, and careers.

But sometimes, she hears and sees stories that go deeper.

As apart of cosmetology school, training on how to tell when there may be a problem at home with a client, is something Montgomery is grateful for.

She says knowing that her chair can be a place for even one person to feel comfortable talking in, gives her another reason to go to work each day.

“Being able to be trained on certain signs and just having the resources in case you ever get in that situation where someone has confided in you about something, I think it’s important to be knowledgeable about what to do or where to go for help,” Montgomery said.

And she said it’s not only her clients who enjoy time at the salon.

“I look forward to seeing people,” she said. “I’ll look at my day and be like, ‘oh so and so are coming in,’ and it’s exciting for me just as much as it probably is for them. Being able to see them and get updates on their life.”

The stories she’s heard from behind her chair has even inspired her to try and create a training class.

Not only for her co-workers, but anyone interested in learning about the signs of a problem and the resources available. 

If you, or anyone you know, needs someone to talk to, click here to find a support line and crisis line for the YWCA in Topeka.

You can also click here for signs you can look for if you think someone is in trouble or is being abused. 

Research UK performed a study about why people trust their barber or stylist more than police or a priest. 

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