Seaman Middle School students take over classroom, teach sign language


A Seaman Middle School student is bringing new culture to kids at her school, inspiring people through a hands on approach.

When you enter a classroom, you usually see a teacher at the front. But in this case, it’s a student who is teaching a group of students at Seaman Middle School.

Kloie Street taught herself sign language, when she was 12-years-old. She was inspired to learn after meeting a boy at her church who was deaf.

“There are a lot of times where I’ve noticed that there was a deaf person and no one around knew ASL,” Kloie said. “I think it’s just like a really important skill to learn. And if you learn it now, rather than later in life, it just makes it a lot easier.”

She decided if she can learn, maybe she could help others. But, not without a little help from a friend. Abby Simpson also taught herself to sign. Now together, the two are inspiring students, and even teachers.

“If I could get that kind of retention, and attention, and participation, I would be thrilled,” said Ryan Simpson, Seaman Middle School teacher, and Abby Simpson’s dad. “I said, ‘you guy’s a killing it!'”

The class is helping in more ways than they ever thought.

“It just gives more deaf people a person to talk to, and communicate easier with,” Kloie said.

To think, for Kloie and Abby, it all started as simple desire to make a difference.

“She inspires me so much everyday,” Abby said. “I think I inspire her a little bit because she can’t do that everyday either with anyone else.”

And together, they’re inspiring their peers.

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