Seaman school district considers adding nicotine to drug tests


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Seaman school board discussed adding nicotine testing to their random drug tests at a meeting on Monday.

Parents of student-athletes in can choose to have their child randomly drug tested. Right now, those tests don’t include nicotine but because of increased vaping in schools, that may change.

This fall, Seaman schools created a vaping task force. The force has already launched a program that lets students talk to guidance counselors for help if they have a nicotine addiction. The counselors can offer help without punishing the student.

Seaman High’s principal said they’ve seen improvement in controlling vaping in their schools.

“We really think it’s making  a difference,” said Mike Monoghan. “And kids, we want them to make a choice when there aren’t adults around supervising as to a good choice about their health and we believe that is happening .”

The new proposal would allow parents to choose if they want their child tested for nicotine and drugs or just one of the options. If the board approves the proposal, it would go in effect next school year.

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