Seaman’s Duffey ready to earn his place at the next level


Seaman high school’s Trey Duffey is a well-rounded individual. He gets it done in the classroom, on the court, and still makes time to be one of the nicest guys around. 

His vision’s been clear, nothing was going to slow down Trey Duffey from getting where he wanted to go. 

“I set my mind to it, and I just wanted it, I wanted it, I wanted it really bad and I was determined to get it,” Duffey said. 

That mentality bloomed into a chance to play college hoops for Kansas Wesleyan in Salina

“He’s just extremely talented and couple that with his work ethic, he just gets things done on the court. He might not be the flashiest player at times, but then you look up at the stat sheet and he’s got 20 points and 10 rebounds and a couple of assists, he just does everything really, really well. and when you have kids who work as hard as he does and really want to be good, they usually turn out pretty well,” Kansas Wesleyan head basketball coach Anthon Monson said.

Part of the reason he chose the school was for the community feel around campus, similar to what he has at Seaman. 

“Always loved it, because north Topeka it’s like it’s own little thing in Topeka, when you come to North Topeka, that’s seaman territory, we have a great community up here and I’ve enjoyed my last four years here being part of such an amazing culture,” Duffey said.

With a support system like that, it was easy to see why he flourished and was apart of one of the most successful four-year runs in Viking basketball history.

“It means to me like I left my impact and that was my goal, that was my dream when coming here to seaman, we have a lot of students here, we have over 12 hundred students so it’s hard to leave your mark on a high school, especially an amazing high school like seaman so I can always come into the gym here and be like ya, I left my mark,” Duffey said.  

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