GEARY COUNTY (KSNT) – Officials suspended a search for a missing man Sunday night after two days of looking for him in Milford Lake in Geary County. The search began on Saturday, April 30, according to the sheriff’s office.

On Monday morning the Geary County Sheriff’s Office said the search would be suspended due to weather conditions in the area of the lake where a missing swimmer was last seen. The sheriff’s office said the current conditions are not conducive for the use of sonar equipment or dive team operations.

Officials said the search will resume Tuesday morning.

According to a press release, a man and woman walking near the shore of the lake discovered a 55-gallon barrel that had been converted into a water vessel. The two got into the barrel, however, it began to float towards the main body of the lake.

The Geary County Sheriff’s Office said the man jumped from the barrel into the water and was planning on swimming to get help. Deputies said the man was last seen swimming to shore as the woman drifted away.

At 3:29 p.m. Saturday, sheriff’s deputies were called to Eagle Ridge Campground in Milford State Part after the woman drifted into the shore.

On Sunday night, May 1, authorities suspended the search to use the remaining daylight hours to prep their equipment and resume the search Monday morning after sunrise.

The Geary County Sheriff’s Office is working with Kansas Wildlife and Parks Division, Kansas Wildlife and Parks Law Enforcement Division, Milford State Park Wildlife and Parks Division along with the Corps of Engineering Park Rangers.