Sewn from the soul: Manhattan woman goes above and beyond to help with medical mask needs


MANHATTAN, Kan. – The coronavirus has brought the world to a halt and Northeast Kansas is no exception. The empty streets and isolation can be confusing and scary, but as the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

“We are a strong community here in Riley County and we want to stay strong, look out for each other, make sure you’re proceeding with caution and using preventative methods,” Julie Gibbs, Administrative Director for the Riley County department of health, reassured us.

But what do you do when preventative methods run low? For manhattan resident Karlye Moore, her natural instinct to give immediately kicked in.

“It’s just kind of my way of saying thank you. A lot of medical professionals don’t necessarily have the choice to stay home,” Moore said.

And a recent trip to the hospital inspired her to put her crafting skills to a bigger purpose.

“It was a very weird, very scary environment to be honest with you, we didn’t necessarily have to be wearing mask but they gave us masks when we walked in. All of the doctors all of the nurses are wearing masks. And people are taking masks and they’re short on them.

In this case, the tough get sewing. She’s been crafting for a long time, something her grandma taught her, and she’s using that skill to help anyone who needs a medical mask right now, especially those in the medical field, which was Moore’s mother’s trade

“The good thing is they can wash them every night they can reuse them, and they don’t have to have extra waste.”

Her thoughtfulness is a nice reminder that we can all do our part. No matter how big or small, it makes a difference.

“I’ve needed help in the past and there have been people who have helped me. My mom has always been a very kind person, the type of person to give her shirt off her back and that’s something I’ve just learned from her. So it’s always good to help out when you can.”

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