Shawnee County Commission considers privatizing waste department


The amount you spend for trash services could be changing. At Monday morning’s meeting, the Shawnee County Commission appointed people to look into the idea of privatizing the waste department.

As of now, the Shawnee County Waste Department is a public service to residents, but that could soon be changing.

The county will begin looking into privatizing the waste department. However, commssioners were split on the idea of actually signing off on a final decision.

“Solid waste operations is not a core function of government,” said Commissioner Bob Archer. “It actually takes time and resources away from managing the core functions of Shawnee County,”

“There’s a vast majority of citizens that rely on Shawnee County solid waste as their alternative and if that was to go away,” said Commissioner Kevin Cook. “It would drastically impact the day to day budget that may not be able to otherwise afford that service.”

Commissioner Cook is worried that without the department, the county would have to make up for the missing income with extra taxes.

Pete Vobach is the president of local union 1294 that represents those workers. He is worried that many of the workers’ jobs would be up in the air and the impact it could have to the public.

“It helps keeps prices very competitive within this region so that’s a main concern right there,” said Vobach.

Right now the cost is right around $20 for trash services, but that could go up with different companies.

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