Shawnee County Election Office preparing for upcoming election


The Shawnee County Election Office has been working hard for voters.

Over the past week, election workers have been training and preparing for the upcoming primary election. Election Commissioner, Andrew Howell, said they have been training over 500 election workers.

They have also been learning the technology used for voting, and preparing in case something goes wrong.

On voting day, Howell recommends bringing a form of ID, like a driver’s license or military ID. He also suggest checking road construction around your voting area.

“If it’s election day, and you’re actually going to your polling place, make sure you look at construction,” Howell said. “Think about knowing where you vote, and then the route that you would need to take. You might want to pre-plan that a little bit just to make sure.”

To prepare for Tuesday, Howell suggest looking at sample ballots and knowing your designated polling place.

Howell said the busiest times for voting are early in the morning, lunch time and after work. Keep that in mind as you head to the polls.

You can find your designated polling place here.

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