Shawnee Heights’ Brown ready to take his skill on the diamond to the next level


“I don’t see a lot of fastballs,” Shawnee Heights senior Tyce Brown said.

And with good reason, he’s has been destroying the straight ones his entire T-Bird career, he’s D1 bound, as he should be, he can really do it all. 

“It’s been great to pencil him in the lineup, defensively he covers a lot of acreage out there, offensively he steals a lot of bases, he’s a threat. he gives us that advantage during each game, anytime he gets on base, he’s a threat to score,” said Shawnee Heights head baseball coach Ryan Schmidt. 

And it’s not just baseball Tyce is a well-rounded athlete. he can get it done on the football field, playing on both sides of the ball, and he’s a quality basketball player as well. his athleticism translates to any sports, but basketball was instrumental in getting him mentally tough. 

“Basketball was definitely my toughest sport mentally..and I think freshman year I was a mental case, all the coaches would say, and this year I kinda became a leader,” the Xavier baseball commit said. 

He embraced that challenge because he knew it would make him better, some kids just stick to one sport, but playing three was the clear choice in Brown’s mind.

“It definitely helps me because I’m not only focused on one thing, I’m not only focused on baseball, I’m not just waiting on baseball and if I don’t perform I don’t really get down. Just playing all the other sports help me mentally, gets my prepared works everything, just really enjoy playing all three.”

Tyce is what people refer to in sports as a “gamer”, when the lights start shining, he turns into a star, and he’s certainly left an impact during his time at Shawnee Heights, and the best is yet to come.

“I’ve been working for this basically my whole life and it’s just very surreal to do this, one state championship, hopefully shooting for another one right now, being steady in the classroom as well, and helping out around here with special Olympics and stuff like that, I think I left a pretty good legacy in all three sports.”

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