Shawnee Sheriff buckles down on seat belt enforcement, talks job openings


Sheriff Herman Jones says the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Department is ready to buckle down on seat belt enforcement near schools.

Jones sat down with morning anchor Brittany Moore Monday morning to discuss the statewide seat belt campaign, winter road conditions, driving safety and job openings at the Sheriff’s Office. Regarding their new seat belt enforcement campaign, Jones said law enforcement needs to remind the public about the difference buckling up can make.

“From today all the way til March 8, we’re going to have a heightened enforcement around our schools, our high schools primarily,” Jones said. “In 2018, about half of the high school aged kids that were killed in car crashes weren’t wearing their seat belts.”

Jones also recommended as winter weather continues, be aware of road conditions alongside buckling up.

“Give yourself some space between the other vehicles,” Jones said. “One of the leading causes of crashes is inattention, but following too close is one of the others.”

Talking recruitment, the Shawnee County Sheriff hinted he’s interested in new applicants to his office in a specific field.

“Last week, I just gave some letters of employment for a couple of prospects,” Jones said. “The other thing, we’re always looking for those in communications, communications specialists.”

Jones said anyone interested in joining the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office can call 785-251-2200.

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