‘She deserves the world’: Wichita pup found with multiple skull fractures


WICHITA, Kan. (KSNT) – Wichita police are investigating after they say a dog was found severely injured. Now, they need your help cracking the case.

Sunni the Boxer has multiple fractures, a lot of them to her skull, something a rescue group says needs to heal before taking next steps in her recovery. But they say after looking at her injuries, they know it wasn’t an accident.

“This is damage inflicted upon her by a person,” said officer Heather Frazier, Wichita Police.

It’s one of the latest cases Wichita police’s animal cruelty investigator is looking at. Officer Heather Frazier says Sunni the Boxer was found last Saturday in the area of 63rd and South Seneca alone and severely injured.

“We all feel that this, there is no way this is a hit by car, if a dog was ever hit this hard, it would have died upon impact,” said Randi Carter, Beauties and Beasts Rescue.

Sunni is now with Beauties and Beasts Rescue, and member Randi Carter says besides fighting a bone infection, she has skull fractures, a jaw fracture and a leg fracture. But behind all the pain, is a sweet, lovable puppy.

“Just shows who she is and man she deserves the world,” said Carter.

Carter says a vet believes the injuries were caused by blunt force trauma with a bat or rock. All the advocates want to know is who is responsible, and what is Sunni’s story.

“They need a voice, and we need to be able to do what we can and help them, and help them be comfortable and have a happy life,” said officer Frazier.

“I really would like to know where she came from. I’d really like to know who did this. They deserve to have to answer to somebody,” said Carter.

Sunni is at an emergency hospital undergoing treatment for the bone infection. Carter says as long as she can heal from her injuries, she will be up for adoption one day.

There is a reward out for information leading to an arrest in the case.

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