Sherwood Park residents ready to voice concerns about plan to build neighboring homes


A discussion item on the Topeka City council agenda for Tuesday night has many people ready to voice their concerns. 

Nearly a dozen of Sherwood Park residents are ready to talk at the council meeting about the potential addition of 33 homes on 24th and Indian Hills Road.

“My initial reaction was, that’s it I’m selling,” Kristin Poage said.

The Topeka Planning Commission approved the plans on December 17th. They say the plan for the new neighborhood will fit with the growth goal Topeka has right now.

However, residents of Sherwood Park have expressed concerns about stormwater drainage, the size of Indian Hills Road, and the type of housing that will be built.

“I just worry about overbuilding an area that can’t support it, infrastructure wise, a strong run off wise, and doesn’t fit with the rest of the neighborhood.” Poage said.

Density of housing is a repeated concern for residents of sherwood park.

“The smaller lots don’t allow for construction of houses of the same financial value,” homeowner James Ungerer said.

Those that live in the neighborhood say they chose to live there for a reason and want to welcome new neighbors, but want to keep the neighborhood style that they first moved into.

“When you’re buying a home, it’s obviously a financial investiment, but it’s also a neighborhood investment,” Ungerer said.

Both Kristin and James plan to speak at the city coucil meeting Tuesday night with the same goal in mind.

“Hopefully this gets pushed back to the planning committee and the planning committee says oh, yeah, you’re right, it’s not going to work for the area,” Poage said.

“If they could just take a second look at that density and lot size and make it comparable to that or equal to that of sherwood park, that would ease our concerns,” Ungerer said.

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