Simulation helps students prepare for financial future


At Topeka High School students were getting a look at their financial futures. 

Juniors and seniors took part in a simulation called “Future Now” put on by Communities In Schools. 

Students faced with real-world money decisions like paying for insurance and entertainment.
The situations were unique to each student. 

They tell us what they want to be doing when their 26, whether or not if they want to be married, if they want kids (and) they tell us their GPA and we base their credit score on that,” said Julie Phillips with Communities In Schools. 

The organization then uses the average income for the student’s ideal career to determine how much money they have to spend. 
Then, students made their way around to booths full of volunteers to “pay their bills.”

Phillips said it’s designed to help students make wise financial decisions in the future. 

“If they don’t have the knowledge it’s easy for them to get into dangerous situations, accumulate debt, use predatory loans,” said Phillips.

Volunteers from a number of local businesses were at the school to help with the two-day simulation. 

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