Skidding and sliding? How to drive safer in winter weather


If you’ve been slipping and sliding in winter weather, there are a few things you can do to get where you’re going safely.

KSNT News went for a ride on some snow covered streets with Go Driving School on Tuesday to learn the best way to control your car.

The objective of driving isn’t to get to your destination quickly, but just to get to your destination safely.

One of the biggest things you can do to avoid skidding and wiping out is taking your foot off of the gas, rather than braking and stopping the wheels, in order to slow your momentum. 

You also don’t need to pump your breaks.

“If you’re on a slippery surface, ice or snow or even rain, and you hit the breaks and the car starts to slide, you’ll feel a pumping as the antilock brake system automatically pumps the breaks,” said Walter Olker, director at Go Driving School. 

When the conditions are bad you want to factor in extra time to get your destination. Otherwise you might not get there at all. 

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