SLI is taking care of people with disabilities after their loved ones are gone


Parents with special needs children often worry about who will take care of their children when they’re gone. Almost 50 years ago, that concern led to the creation of a Topeka organization that cares for adults with special needs. 

SLI, formerly Sheltered Living, Inc., helps people like Larry Lindsey. Lindsey has some mental disabilities that make living on his own difficult. He said part of the reason he can’t live on his own is he ran out of money.

“It takes money, everything takes money,” Lindsey said.

That’s what brought him to SLI. The organization works like an assisted living facility, but they specifically care for people with disabilities. They make it affordable for everyone.

Lindsey has lived in a house with other SLI patients for eight years now.

Jo Ann Tate with SLI said the organization is giving family members with disabled loved ones people peace of mind.

“Once their loved one, their parents, their guardians are gone, we basically become their caregivers,” she said. 

Tate said they take care of all their patients’ needs. 

“We provide them with shelter, we provide them with food, we make sure their medications are there for them. we make sure that they’re taking their medications,” Tate said.

SLI hasn’t just given Lindsey a home, it’s kept his family together. He lives with his two brothers who are also patients. 

“I love it,” Linsey said. “It’s nice staff over there that talk to me every night.” 

SLI houses more than 100 people with disabilities. To find out more about their services or how you can help them CLICK HERE

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