Solar power users celebrate KCC ruling


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A group of solar power users said they’ve been paying too much on electric bills.

A Kansas Corporation Commission decision could have some solar energy users paying less.

More and more people are looking to renewable energy, and with new technology, it’s becoming a more feasible option, that is until electric companies add charges.

“There’s been a lot of customers that had installed before 2018 but after 2015 that have been calling and wanted to know why my bill is going up and I just don’t understand it,” said Kevin Good, President of Good Energy Solutions in Lawrence.

Good said charges from electric companies have hurt his solar panel business.

“It’s very difficult to make a case for something that might take 15 years to get your investment paid back.”

Kevin Good, President, Good Energy Solutions

The decision from the KCC said solar customers between 2015 and 2018 can’t be lumped into a new rate.

But now Good is turning his attention to what’s going to happen to customers in the future.

“There’s negotiations between the solar industry and the utilities to try to come up with a good working plan to go forward because it really has stopped the residential market,” Good said.

Though everyday people are buying less solar panels, Good said commercial buyers are increasing because it’s more cost-effective on a larger scale.

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