The Capper Foundation is celebrating their 100th birthday in 2020. Jim Leiker, President and CEO of the Capper Foundation announced Capper’s 100th birthday and upcoming Capper events, Friday afternoon in downtown Topeka at Arthur Capper pocket park. Arthur Capper started the Capper Foundation in 1920 to alleviate the financial burdens of families with children who had physical disabilities. He was the 20th Governor of Kansas from 1915 to 1919 and a United States Senator from 1919 to 1949 and the owner and publisher of the the Topeka Daily Capital. Arthur Capper passed away in December, 1951. The Capper Foundation, 3500 SW 10th St., provides Pediatric Therapy, Adult Day Care, Veterans Assistance and administers the icanbike and icanswim programs for people that want to learn to ride a bicycle and learn to swim.