TOPEKA (KSNT) – iCan Bike is being held in Topeka for the twelfth consecutive year this week. Throughout this five-day program, instructors with the assistance of volunteers, will teach 30 individuals with disabilities how to ride a conventional two-wheel bike. The program provides each participant with 75 minutes of instruction each day using a series of adapted bikes and techniques. The Capper Foundation is holding its annual week-long iCan Bike program at Central Park Community Center.

“I’m going to assign you a rider, and check their helmets and make sure they are good to go and then we will start riding.”. Amy Casale, iCan Bike Instructor.

“I want to learn how to ride very very fast.” Cameron Homewood, student in the iCan Bike program.

“iCan Bike is a program that teaches kids with special needs to ride a bicycle,” said Cris Teter, Capper Foundation Physical Therapist and iCan Bike program director. “We start with an adapted bicycle and as they become more comfortable we eventually change the rollers on the back and by the end of the week they are riding independently.”