TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Capper Foundation, 3500 SW 10th Ave., hosted a “double” celebration on Tuesday. In 2020, Senator Arthur Capper would have celebrated his 155th birthday and the Capper Foundation is celebrating their 100th Anniversary.

Capper Foundation CEO, Jim Leiker, said “Arthur Capper had birthday parties for 42 years on July 14th. They were huge events, sometimes 20,000 plus people would show up.”

Arthur Capper was born in Garnett, Kansas on July 14, 1865, Capper rose to fame as a journalist, publisher and founder of several local media outlets. Capper was Kansas Governor (1915-1919) and U.S. Senator (1919-1949).

In 1908 Arthur Capper began holding annual birthday celebrations on or near July 14th. This tradition continued for 42 years. The day included a free carnival, pony rides, games, free ice cream and refreshments for all. As many as 20,000 people attended these events. Capper Foundation has continued this tradition throughout the years to bring people together, to help create a more inclusive world, to build awareness and support of our programs and services.

Arthur Capper’s lasting legacy is Capper Foundation, founded 100 years ago on Christmas Day 1920, when he vowed to “do more for the children.” Today, the Capper services extend across the lifespan, helping infants, children, teens and adults living with disabilities enjoy access, independence and opportunities to advance their hopes and dreams.