TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Friends of Scouting Organization held a fundraising event Wednesday morning at the Maner Conference Center.

Keynote speaker for the morning event was Bill Snyder, retired K-State Football Coach and Scout Alumnus.

“I was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout,” Snyder said. “Scouting meant a great deal to me. I was a son of a single parent mother. My mother worked 12 hours a day and I needed activities to stay on the good side of things. My mother got me into scouting and I enjoyed it a great deal.”

The annual Friends of Scouting campaign raises a significant portion of the Council’s budget through donations from friends and families of youth who participate in Scouting.

According to the Jayhawk Area Council’s web site, the organization “plans and operates numerous activities and outdoor programs. These include summer camps where youth can complete requirements towards their rank advancements, including weekend activities such as overnight experiences and merit badge days along with training events.