TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Topeka Zoo held a gender reveal party Thursday to announce the gender and name of their new Bornean Orangutan baby. The new baby is a female and will be named Udara, which means “Air”.

The zoo announced on Saturday, May 7th that Rudy had given birth to her third baby. The gender of the baby has been under wraps as the zoo allowed the mother and her child time to bond.

The zoo said both are doing fine. Mawas, born in 2004, is the father of the baby orangutan.

Rudy was born at the Topeka Zoo on Nov. 23, 1985. This is her third infant. Rayma and Bumi are her first two. Rayma was born in 2005 and lives at the Phoenix Zoo. Bumi was born in 2013 and is still at the Topeka Zoo.