TOPEKA (KSNT) – KTWU’s Theater of the Mind series is back for 2023 with the production of Good Little Girl, Goodnight.

“Theater of the Mind is radio made for television,” Val VanDerSluis, General Manager KTWU. “It is based on 1940’s radio plays that everybody would listen to when you had no television. You got your entertainment through the radio and you would listen to actors with sound affects that would let you envision exactly what you were hearing.”

The 2023 Theater of the Mind production is Good Little Girl, Goodnight, performed by the production group, The Air Command with Phil Grecian, Playwright.

Theatre of the Mind is the staging of a drama in the imagination of the audience through sound, usually radio. Theatre of the Mind occurs when the sounds coming from the speakers compels the audience to mentally construct an imaginary scene.

The concept of radio theater started in the 1940’s when the radio was very popular and there were no TV’s. Production companies would put on plays through the radio, complete with actors, actresses and sound effects.

Good Little Girl, Goodnight will air on KTWU on Oct. 23, 8:00 p.m.