TOPEKA (KSNT) – Victor Williams, McEachron Elementary Principal, has been teaching the art of riding a unicycle at his school for the past four years.

Williams, a native of western Kansas, has been an educator for 38 years and the principal of McEachron Elementary for the past 22 years. Teaching his students how to ride unicycles is part of his “Growth Mindset Program” which encourages children to learn from their mistakes, just as they would when trying to learn how to ride a unicycle.

“The kids saw me ride my six foot unicycle and said they would like to do that, and I said, let’s do it,” Williams said. “Four years ago we started and we’ve built it up to 24 kids. We have 12 kids on a waiting list, we will always have kids that want to do it and these kids have been really good at talking it up. We’re going to ride in parades and we may do some assemblies at other schools.”

The idea came to Williams when a group of students saw him riding a six foot tall unicycle and wanted to learn how to ride. From there he has been teaching groups of up to 15 students every eight weeks how to ride unicycles.

The students have ridden their unicycles in local parades and eventually hope to give demonstrations at other schools in the area.

Currently, the school is facing a shortage of unicycles. As children exit the program they are able to purchase the unicycle they were using at an affordable price, but this has led to a shortage for other students hoping to learn how to ride. Williams said that he has “picked the Topeka area clean” of unicycles and is always on the lookout for more or donations.

If you have a unicycle that you’d like to donate to McEachron, you can contact the school at 785-438-4430 or reach out to Williams directly at