TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Topeka JUMP (Justice Unity Ministry Project) held a rally Monday evening at the Countryside Methodist Church. The purpose of the rally was to prepare for its Spring Assembly on May 1 at Lee Arena on the Washburn University Campus.

“Tonight we are here to tally how many people we have invited to the rally. We hope to have 1,500 people in Lee Arena on May 1,” said Anton Ahrens, Co-Chair Topeka JUMP.

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“Topeka JUMP is a coalition of 30 faith communities across Topeka and Shawnee County that work to do justice in Topeka. That means we address issues that most other people think are to difficult or too hard to address,” said Ahrens

JUMP is a faith based, grass roots coalition. Its mission is to fight for justice for marginalized groups in Shawnee County.

Topeka JUMP works with local and state authorities on:

  • Mental Health/addiction
  • Predatory Lending
  • Safe and affordable housing
  • Violence
  • Transportation
  • Public Education