TOPEKA (KSNT – Topeka Native, Eddie Wakes returned to his roots to perform his soul music at the Jayhawk Theatre in downtown Topeka.

Eddie brings his distinct voice and rare authenticity as a singer back to Topeka. He performed “Silent Night” for the film La La Land (2016; Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone) at the director’s request. The film has won 8 Critics Choice Awards and has been nominated for 7 Golden Globe Awards. In 2014, Eddie was featured in a documentary film, Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark (Starz Channel). 

Eddie Wakes has enjoyed an impressive trek throughout the Entertainment world. Morgan Freeman was an early fan. The “Voice of God” waxed poetic about Eddie’s performance saying, “Eddie is a new evocative voice.”

The Topeka native first started to sing Gospel music at his father’s church and developed tight harmonies with his brothers. He studied music from the best artists of all genres. But, it was while listening to Nat Cole and Frank Sinatra that Eddie developed a likening for soul.