TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Topeka Symphony Orchestra’s 2023-2024 season has begun. Their first concert of the season was Saturday evening at White Concert Hall.

This year’s concert line-up will feature ‘you-have-to-be-there-yourself’ nights at the symphony. Each concert will feature something you have to experience in person—from incredible photography shows that accompany the music, to musicians placed around the hall for the original surround-sound effect, to some of the all-time-greatest movie soundtracks.

The Topeka Symphony Orchestra is directed by Kyle Wiley Pickett. Pickett has established himself as a triple-threat music director: a talented and visionary musician who has earned the respect of players, soloists, boards, and audiences, a charismatic cultural leader in the communities he serves, and an ambitious fund-raiser with an impressive track record of orchestra building.

Click here to view the complete lineup for this year’s concerts.