TOPEKA (KSNT) – For eight years in a row, the Kansas Museum of History and Topeka Zoo have teamed up to tag monarch butterflies during their annual migration.

Monarchs pass through Kansas during the last two weeks of September.

“This is about Monarchs. We do this at a time when the migration is coming through Kansas, crossing right through Topeka. This class presents a lot of information on butterflies and and specifically Monarchs,” said Dennis Dinwiddie, Director of Conservation and Education at the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center.

“Every butterfly that gets a tag has an individual number on it and we are hoping they will be recaptured by other scientists and reported on where they were found and when they were found, and this gives us information on what routes they are taking and that tells us what areas we need to take care of on the North American Continent.” said Dinwiddie.

Classes are free to the public and are open to anyone during the evening sessions. Private classes are also available. To set up a private class contact 785-368-9137 or!

Public classes are held on September 20, 23, or 27, and participants must be registered.

Class times are 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Pre-registration Required:

Contact: 785-368-9137 or!