TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center invited their business partners to a lunch in Kay’s Garden Wednesday afternoon.

“We talk about this zoo being a true community zoo and we are truly blessed to get the communities support that we do,” said Brenda Wiley, Chief Executive Officer at the Topeka Zoo. “Today we are having a lunch for a group that we call our business partners. These are local businesses that go out of their way to give financial support, volunteer support to this organization to help us accomplish our mission.”

During the lunch, business partners were given updates on the dinosaur exhibits, the construction activities at the zoo, the $3 million BASE grant the zoo received in April that will support key infrastructure projects, the upcoming fundraiser, Brew at the Zoo, the new baby Orangutan and many other projects the zoo is currently undertaking.

The luncheon is an opportunity for the zoo to thank the business partners who have made a commitment to the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center. After the lunch, business partners were invited to tour Kay’s Garden.