TOPEKA (KSNT) – With the arrival of the first day of spring, many gardeners and landscapers ask, where do I start?

Cameron Rees, owner and operator of the Skinner Garden Store in North Topeka shares some advice on when to start with the springtime lawn and garden work.

“We need to hold off planting summer crops like, peppers and tomatoes,” said Rees. “We don’t want to get those out in the garden yet. Trees and shrubs and everything like that can be planted. In the garden, onions, potatos, peas, lettuce and spinach can go in now.”

“For the lawn, it is time to get crabgrass preventer down,” Rees said. “We use the ‘Red Bag’ and we tell everybody, it’s time to get the Red Bag down. We want to lay low on the fertilizer in the spring season. We focus on getting the crabgrass preventer down and watered in, spot treat for weeds and leave all the fertilizer to the fall.”