Standing desks keep locals healthy while working


Some locals have a great love for their desk job thanks to a simple technology: the standing desk.

Not only does it help them feel better on a daily basis, but it could have long-term benefits.

Doctor Cynthia Scheibe with Stormont Vail has stand-up reviews about it too.

She says the desk allows her to do her job without ever sitting down. She even goes the extra mile, literally.

Scheibe said one day she walked 60 minutes and 1.4 miles by using a treadmill under her stand-up desk.

“The most challenging is trying to eat, chart and do the treadmill all at the same time. But I’ve done it,” she said.

A study published in the Journal Annals of Internal Medicine found that sitting for long periods of time increased the risk of cancer by 13 percent, cardiovascular disease by 14 percent and type 2 diabetes by 91 percent.

Researchers said that when you sit, you increase your insulin resistance. This means that sugar in your blood doesn’t move into your cells all that well.

Doctors said even a quick 1-3 minute break from sitting every half hour or so can be helpful.

“At the end of the day when we’ve got an hour’s worth of charting to do, just to sit there and hunch over it, you just get more time and frustrated,” said Scheibe.

Doctor Scheibe has been using a stand-up desk for about three years now and since then has only sat in her office chair three different times.

The Shawnee County Dispatch Center also uses standing desks and the Sheriff’s Office has recently purchased the desks for several people in the office.

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