State senator proposes three day waiting period for gun purchases


A bill could be headed to the senate floor that would mandate a three day waiting period to buy a gun in the state.

That idea had one local gun shop owner saying that the true problem still wouldn’t be addressed.

Troy Showalter, owner of Integrity Gun & Pawn in Topeka, said each person that wants to buy a gun in his store goes through an FBI background check.

They are either approved, delayed in getting the gun so the FBI has more time to investigate, or they are denied.

“There’s already a built in waiting period for the people that get a delay resolution,” said Showalter.

Democratic Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau of Wichita wants to have the requirement. She said it is to prevent future deaths.

“This would give a person that cooling off period, maybe they would change their mind,” Faust-Goudeau said.

She said the amount of homicides in her district has caught her attention.

“It’s just something that was brought to me by my constituents, that they want to slow down that purchasing process to save lives.”

Showalter said he believes her concern should be elsewhere.

“If we try and solve the problem by going after law abiding citizens that immediately pass a background check, we’re kind of missing the whole point.”

The bill would have to make it out of the Federal and State Affairs Committee first if it were to make it to the senate floor.

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