Stormont dietitian: How to get more fruits & veggies in your diet!


Everyday we should be eating 2 to 3 cups of vegetables and 1 to 2 cups of fruit, according to a local dietitian.  

“You get a lot of volume into your diet with not a lot of calories and that is filling fiber,” said Amber Groeling, a dietitian at Stormont Vail Health. “So it really helps with weight control.”

She said they’re low in calories and help fight disease, and the health benefits are vast. But how do we make these goals easier on ourselves?

“Having a template for how your going to get them in is really helpful,” Groeling said. “Try to get a cup of fruit in or a piece of fruit in with your breakfast. And if you’re doing 2 fruits a day, [get] one more in as a snack. For vegetables aiming for a cup at lunch and 2 cups at dinner.”

As far as where we can easily get fruits and veggies in our diets, there’s a misconception that fresh is the best. 

“Frozen and even canned can be good options,” Groeling explained. “For frozen, they harvest the fruit or vegetable and then they usually process or flash freeze it within 24 hours. So it kind of seals in all of of that nutrition. Now with canned (food), you do want to look for the no salt added canned vegetables, because some of them can be pretty high in sodium. With fruit you want to make sure there is no added sugar or syrup.”

For more information on daily recommendations based on your age, visit the website below:

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