Students hear first hand accounts of fatal distracted driving accidents


Distracted driving is a growing concern, especially when it comes to teens and young adults.

Students at Rossville and Silver Lake High School heard from two people whose lives were drastically changed because it.

Jacque Tierce lost her daughter to a distracted driving accident. High school senior Shiane Wondra suffered a similar accident.

Both shared their stories of how a simple text message can lead to permanent consequences.

“It’s absolutely horrible,” said Tierce. “You can’t imagine the pain, the day to day pain, the long-term pain that will never end. And we just definitely don’t want anybody else or any other family to go through this if we can help it.” 

Students also signed a banner pledging not to text and drive. Shawnee County Sheriff’s deputies were also in attendance and even gave away prizes to four lucky students. 

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