LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) – A recently released report says that Haskell Indian Nations University needs between $111 million and $123 million to get its aging facilities up to par.

Haskell’s National Board of Regents reviewed a report Thursday from the university’s first comprehensive facilities study in nearly 20 years, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. The board passed resolutions Thursday to support pursuing ways to implement an improvement plan.

Restoration work needed to reopen the closed, nearly 120-year-old Hiawatha Hall would put the price tag on the higher end.

Haskell President Venida Chenault said that a team led by Albuquerque-based Dyron Murphy Architects spent time on campus last fall to conduct evaluations that included assessing renovation history as well as compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, safety and building code. They then created two funding plans for improvements, which would cost either $123.1 million or $111.7 million.

“We have a significant problem with our facilities across campus,” Chenault said. “This did not touch every building on campus but tried to address some of the immediate and more critical needs.”

Chenault said the university hopes to update the facilities within the next decade.

“Over 10 years, we hope that it’s achievable,” Chenault said. “We hope for investments from some tribes.”

The Haskell campus has about 40 buildings, the newest of which is a residence hall, constructed more than 20 years ago.

“We recognize there’s a need for growth on this campus,” Chenault said. “Whatever we do with facilities, we also need to incorporate the needs of our academic programs, because that is our core mission.

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