Superintendent: Topeka bus driver did not hit child while holding on bus


The bus driver who held Topeka 501 students in their bus while parents waited outside did not hit a child inside the bus, according to the Topeka Public Schools Superintendent.

Dr. Tiffany Anderson told KSNT News in an exclusive Wednesday morning interview that an investigation by the USD 501 bus company determined the driver accused of hitting a child did not do so.

“Kansas Central has confirmed that that did not happen,” Anderson said. “We certainly have a student that may have been agitated, but no driver had any interaction physically with the students.”

In a video posted by an angry mother, a bus is seen holding kids while a group of parents waits outside. The USD 501 bus provider, Kansas Central School Bus, said a subsitute bus driver was driving that day, and some students were trying to get off at the wrong stop.

“That’s when there was some confusion as to what was supposed to happen next,” said Lee Mekus, Contract Manager for the company.

Anderson said the bus company has been responsive as they work to figure out what happened.

“We expect great service, and we expect when there is an issue and parents have a concern, that they address it quickly, promptly and that it does not happen again,” Anderson said.

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