Survey shows encouragement for future entrepreneurship among teens


TOPEKA, Kan. – A new survey presented for Junior Achievement and the Brian Hamilton Foundation by research firm ENGINE Insights shows teens are still just as likely to want to start a business as they were before the coronavirus pandemic.

The survey showed two-thirds of teens ages 13 to 17 are still likely to pursue opening a small business. Despite the harsh hits to local shops nationwide with coronavirus– the number of teens only dropped by three percent.

While less than a third called it too risky, Kansas’ Junior Achievement president was very encouraged by the numbers.

“Their world is so much more opened up with social media and the internet that I think the numbers are truly more reflective of what our teens are thinking here in Topeka, Kansas even though it is a national survey. and I was so grateful to see the survey results that 66% of teens are still interested in pursuing entrepreneurship so I think that bodes well not only for the kids but quite frankly for our city,” Junior Achievement of Kansas President Ashley Charest said.

Junior Achievement is partnering with the Bian Hamilton Foundation, the Mark Cuban Foundation, and Microsoft to host “Why Entrepreneurship Now”. It will be live tomorrow at two in the afternoon And is available as a recording after.

You can get more information on their website by following this link.

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