Team managers support K-State Basketball from the sidelines


A select few K-State students are traveling with the K-State Men’s Basketball Team to the Sweet Sixteen in Atlanta. Those student are the team’s 10 managers. 

Head Manager Josh Macy said their job is not always as glamorous as it may seem.

“We make sure sweat’s wiped up, the players have water,” Macy said. “Today we packed all the shoes, we carried the player’s shoes. We packed the equipment, all the jerseys.” 

Player Kamau Stokes said the team will need to give their full effort for the game against the University of Kentucky on Thursday.

“I’m excited, you know words can’t even explain it. And we’ve just got to go out there and play our hearts out,” Stokes said. 

The managers will also need to be at the top of their game.

“It can be very stressful,” Manager Brady Rugan said. “You’ve got to make sure everything is going right.” 

Josh Macy agreed it can be tense traveling with the team.

“You always lay in bed wondering if you forgot something, but it’s pretty fun,” Macy said. 

He said he enjoys getting to know the players.

“They’re fun to be around. Sometimes you’ve got get on them, but it’s a give and take system,” Macy said. “They give it to you, so we give it right back.” 

And the job has helped him develop a skill that will serve him all his life. 

“We’re really good at laundry, I can say that,” Macy said. “We’ve gotten good at that over the years.” 

The team managers often play basketball with each other before or after practices. They even play against team managers from other schools.

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