The Monarchs have begun their migration to Mexico


Rachael Rost, Education Specialist with the Topeka Zoo taught a class on the Migration of the Monarch Butterfly on Monday at the Kansas Museum of History. Each Fall hundreds of millions of Monarch butterflies fly up to 3000 miles in their annual migration from Canada and the United States to the wintering grounds of the Oyamel fir trees of Michoacan in Mexico. During this migration, hundreds of Monarchs are caught and tagged by several organizations in the United States. This tagging process is used to help study the Monarch and their migration process. During Monday’s class the students learned how to identify Monarchs, the migration process they go through each Spring and Fall and how to catch them in a net. After the class the students went outdoors to catch and tag any Monarchs that could find. Upcoming Monarch Migration classes will be held on September, 18th, 24th & 26th at 5:30 pm, at the Kansas Museum of History.

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